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At Montina Travel we are an experienced team, dedicated to providing our customers with an unrivalled, professional travel service. We pride ourselves on being your one-stop-shop for all your holiday requirements. We are partnered with an extensive number of companies to ensure you receive great deals...everyday! So for your next holiday, come see Tina and Monika in our convenient city location. We believe preparing for your holiday should be a breeze, so let us do the hard work for you!

We pride ourselves on our extensive travel experience and great service to each one of our customers. As a result, we have received numerous awards from partner companies over the years, and countless testimonials from our happy clients.

Speak to one of our friendly staff members to help you organise:

  • Air reservations (full-service and budget airlines)
  • Accommodation reservations (hotels and resorts)
  • Holiday packages
  • Tour reservations (both extended coach touring and day tours)
  • Cruising (including river cruising and canal boats)
  • Rail travel (Australia and international)
  • Travel Insurance (we compare a number of companies to find the most ideal product for you)
  • Car Hire
  • Visas
  • Travel cashcards, travellers cheques and foreign currency
  • Honeymoon registry
  • Gift vouchers
  • Group tours/travel

We only book with Australian travel companies who are covered by the Travel Compensation Fund. Frequently we hear horror stories of travellers who have made reservations directly with internet sites and these people sometimes do not receive the services they thought they paid for, or are stuck in a foreign country with heavy suitcases and no accommodation, because something which looked fantastic on the internet doesn't even exist!

We recommend hotels that have been inspected by our wholesalers' staff, and are best suited for your needs. We are here to assist if anything goes wrong while you are away (for example the Iceland volcano which disrupted many of our clients' plans - and we were able to assist clients with re-arranging their flights or finding hard-to-get accommodation while they were still away). Does a faceless, voiceless website do that for you?

We know about fares, fare rules, visas, currency, climate, tipping, the best types of rooms, cabins, car types and transfers.

We are here to save you time, money and distress - and to maximise your holiday time and minimise your cost.


Let us save you time and show you value for money. Get in touch today!

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